Google’s new website lets you play with its experimental AI projects

Google is letting users peek into some of its most experimental artificial intelligence projects.

The company unveiled a new website Tuesday called A.I. Experiments that showcases Google’s artificial intelligence research through web apps that anyone can test out. The projects include a game that guesses what you’re drawing, a camera app that recognizes objects you put in front of it and a music app that plays “duets” with you.

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Google AI

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Don’t be held hostage by ransomware

According to new research from Kaspersky Lab, small and midsize businesses rank ransomware in the top 3 most concerning IT security problems. Survey findings also reveals that 20% of companies worldwide have been subjected to IT security incidents as a result of a cryptomalware-based attack and the average amount of damage caused by one attack may cost small and midsize businesses up to $99,000.

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Your computer has been locked!

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